Positive Thinking.

Becoming aware of our thoughts is a challenge. Many of us live day by day in a patterned induced world created by our own minds, manipulated through the years by society. The conclusion of these repetitive patterns of thought is a closed minded mind. Fear, the killer of all progress and expansion has taken over many of our lives. But why?

Our brains feed off from everything that has energy. A thought is energy, a word is energy. Negative and positive thinking influences our minds more than we are aware of. The more we repeat patterns of either side of the spectrum our brain captures it and becomes accustomed to what it is being fed, positive or negative.


Most people give up trying, we assume that being positive means being annoyingly happy or fake and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have sad days, negative days, and days we want to get away from everyone. However, the trick is learning to acknowledge it, to catch the thought and notice right away that you are feeling down or sad or negative. It is absolutely normal. Process the thought and don’t give the unnecessary attention to it. Focus and let it go.




There are so many times in my life where something gets me down or upset and I don’t want to admit it, my first reaction is to get even more angry or sad. It is like a snowball. This is because the energy of those thoughts becomes a whirlwind in our brain that continues to manifest in us, the brain thinks this is what we want. I have practiced and practiced to let go of those unimportant thoughts, the ones that don’t serve my greater good. The more I focus the easier it gets and the circumstances seem to be handled better. Its a process , not an easy one but definitely worth it.

Let me know what you think,

Until next time,



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