Twenty Eight

I have stepped into a wondrous path, a path of self discovery. Unknown for many years and new every single day. Blessed by my infinite creator.

Today I turn twenty eight, I have to be honest I have dreaded this day for a whole year. Twenty eight is such a big number, the number people look at and say “almost thirty” as if life is nearly ending. More so now than ever I have become consumed by thoughts of “adulting” and all the responsibilities that comes with age. Finding a husband, kids, having a mortgage, bills, etc…

For many years I have been cocooned by my rocks, my parents, guardians, angels which have cared for me and raised me to be the person I am today. I could only hope to be as brave, hard working, and nourishing as them two.

We live in a world where when we turn eighteen and we cannot wait to leave the house and become independent, to find a job and essentially grow up too fast. I have been brought up in a household which values integrity, a place where there is no time, a welcoming place. So I say thank you to my parents for keeping me around yet another year, surrounding me with love and care and for giving me a home to live in until God decides it’s time.

I do not feel my age, I feel younger but some days I feel older. Its a mix of feelings.

Overall I feel happy, happy that God has given me another year of life, happy for this amazing opportunity, happy for the people that I have chosen to surround myself, and happy for my journey. If you are part of it, I say thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for your positivism, thank you for the impact that you are making to make this world a better place.

Be always kind, have compassion and faith.

Thank you all for your wishes! ❤ 


With Love,


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