FRÉ Skincare Review

Hello everyone! Happy day to all! I hope you are thriving to achieve those new year goals and working towards a better you..

Today I wanted to do a brief review on a product that I was sent a couple of weeks ago, The Argan infused FRÉ skincare line. Generally my skin is very dry and sensitive, however during the hot summers in Florida my skin gets less dry and I sweat even more with my yoga workouts. Needless to say, I breakout whether I am going to a hot yoga studio or sweating my bootie off outside. This skincare is a must for those who sweat especially if you do not like your skin to absorb all the workout and cause breakouts          ( who would?)

I agreed to do a review for these products for the reason that FRÉ is 100% Vegan and cruelty free, they also help empower women who harvest Argan trees in Morocco, and help fight deforestation. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to use a product with amazing values.

The easy one, two, three steps makes this product easy to use and I am speaking from a super lazy skincare girl. The first step is ‘Purify Me’ I just love how this cleanser makes my face feel, the gentle exfoliating Argan beads feel very refreshing on my skin and the smell is not overpowering. The second step is ‘Revive Me’ this is my favorite because I am obsessed with serums in general; this one in particular makes me feel nourished and refreshed. With it’s anti-aging benefits, full of vitamins and minerals,  this step gives me the beautiful ‘awake’ feel that I like. The final step is ‘Protect Me’ with a SPF30 protecting moisturizer, it shields without giving me a white cast. I tried my foundation after applying all three steps and my makeup does not run; In fact, it applied very smoothly which I loved.

If you would like to try out FRÉ I have a special coupon code that lasts up to 48 Hours!

I would recommend this products to those who want an easy face-refreshing boost after their workout.

Use ‘Ninas’ at checkout for 25% off your set. *

Purchase your set here:

*Disclaimer (I did not get paid to promote this product, this is my honest and genuine review).

I hope you enjoy! Until next time !

Lots of Love,


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