How I began Yoga

In 2015 I began my yoga journey. Five years ago I became very anxious with depression after my six year relationship had ended out of the blue. Looking back now I have realized how unhealthy it was to let myself become highly attached, to the point where I would not eat or sleep from sadness, risking my own health and simply not caring.

After three months of non stop crying and not eating, I had an epiphany. I woke up from my bed one day and I told myself it was time to be myself again, to start my life from scratch. Slowly but surely with the help from my family, some self help books, lots of praying, and a little bit of will power, I began to feel much better.

I became interested in yoga when I read about some of the mental benefits of meditation and body movement, I also wanted to start a workout routine that did not require too much equipment. At first I started watching 30 minute videos on youtube trying to follow what the instructor was saying, I had zero yoga experience so it was quite difficult, but towards the ending of each practice I felt very accomplished. My body had never felt better.

After doing this for a few months, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and search for a nearby studio, luckily I found one twenty minutes away from my house. I still remember my first class, I was completely terrified to enter and be the only one who did not know anything, but I told myself I had to go inside because I had paid $17 for that one class and I was not about to lose that money. I am so glad I did, It was a really magical hour and a half and one of the best experiences I had ever tried, I fell in love.

I  started my Instagram page in 2016 to document my progress, I fell in love with the community of yogis which up to this day are inspiring me with their amazing words and progress of their own. I still feel like a beginner in many ways working towards small and big goals, being inspired by life and all of its flows.

Thank you for all your support

Until Next time,

With Love,


2 thoughts on “How I began Yoga

  1. I’m so proud of you, you’re doing an amazing journey. You’re so strong but at the same time so kind and sweet, a graceful butterfly. What a beautiful heart you have! ❤️

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